How to publish the Expression Paper

1 Sep 2015   | Author: Abhijeet |  No Comments

> Two Procedures: Sample PapersWriting Your personal Time period Paper C’s could get certifications, although just a A+ essay gets an area on your grandmother’s fridge or even your refrigerator. Have you been busting your own tiny collegiate buttocks to receive below average benefits? Well, notify Nana to discover the magnets set: adhere to most […]

How to write the Expression Paper

31 Aug 2015   | Author: Abhijeet |  No Comments

> Two Approaches: Sample PapersWriting Your personal Term Paper C’s may get levels, nevertheless merely a good A+ article makes the place on the grandmother’s refrigerator or perhaps your own personal chiller. Are you currently smashing your own very little collegiate buttocks just to acquire average benefits? Very well, explain to Nana to have the […]

Yet One Writing Website Falls under Scrutiny. Amateur or Profy?

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Personal-statements-biz is the expert writing agency which has drawn the large number of customers. Juniors from everywhere assing their academic challenges to this particular academic writing service. What exactly attracts them above all? You are welcome to learn more about advantages unveiled in this writing agency. As an mature service, it provides a complete scope […] Is the Convenient Resolving for General Academic Complications

28 Aug 2015   | Author: Abhijeet |  No Comments

Youare almost certainly wondering about which of the wide variety of university dissertation matters to target on, if you’re about to take effect on your school entrance essays. Competition or your race maybe one which you happen to be thinking as well as, it’s been a layout that’s been utilized by several university students that […]

How to write great essay

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There tend to be a few unique stages involving composition composing: design on the query; study; planning; producing; and also modification. If you take out all of these or just hurry all of them, particular acquainted difficulties can come out within your composing: irrelevance, weak composition, inadequate data and also examples to guide your justifications, […]

Snort Signatures for LuckyCat APT Campaign

30 Mar 2012   | Author: Abhijeet |  No Comments

Trend Micro blog published a paper titled Luckycat Redux, which looked into the activities of the Luckycat APT campaign.  As per the report, LuckyCat campaign targeted diverse set of industries including Aerospace, Shipping, Energy, Military, Engineering and Tibetan Activist using variety of malwares.  Trend was able to track back the sources of the attack in China. Below […]

Manually unpacking Dorkbot

24 Mar 2012   | Author: Abhijeet |  No Comments

Yesterday I encounter another sample (SHA1: e3a7a9c9a5fcdc0b4bd6ffd9a5b83ba7a22353af) of Dorkbot while analyzing my honeypot. Knowing most of the Dorkbot samples are packed with UPX, I used the upx tool to unpack the binary. However, just to recall my manual steps for unpacking binaries, I thought of writing this post. Let’s use PEiD tool to verify if […]

NIDS signature for MS12-020 RDP DoS

19 Mar 2012   | Author: Abhijeet |  1 Comment

The signature specified in the previous entry was for detecting the RCE/DoS attempt within TargetParams structure of RDP protocol. However, a DoS PoC listed here, exploits another MaxParam structure from the same RDP protocol. The PoC is developed by jduck  (Joshua J. Drake) of Accuvant and sets the value of first parameter maxChannelIds to 4294967295. This value is causing […]

Snort Signature for RDP TargetParams Exploit

17 Mar 2012   | Author: Abhijeet |  1 Comment

With the release of Exploit PoC code for CVE-2012-0002 by the finder himself has definitely increased the chances of exploitation of this vulnerability. Microsoft has released the patch to address the vulnerability. However, considering the patch deployment life cycle and exploit attempts, we need to be proactive in detection and blocking all the attempts of […]

Snort detections for Targeted attack using CVE-2012-0754 exploit

6 Mar 2012   | Author: Abhijeet |  No Comments

 Contagiodump blog published an analysis of a targeted attack using new CVE-2012-0754 exploit. The blog talks about the whole exploit attempt and a great details about the exploit and payload analysis. I will not repeat the analysis in this post but talk about the key points. I liked the adjacent picture posted on contagio blog so […]

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